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ACL Reconstruction 

ACL surgery may be a repair or reconstruction of the anterior cruciform ligament (ACL). The ACL is a very important soft-tissue structure within the knee that connects the thighbone to the shin. A part or fully torn ACL may be a common injury among athletes. Complete ACL tears square measure sometimes treated by medical specialty physicians associate degreed orthopedical surgeons with an ACL reconstruction surgery, during which the torn ligament is replaced with a tissue graft to mimic the natural ACL.

However, HSS takes associate degree knowledge base approach to treating ACL injuries: Physiatrists, medical specialty physicians and orthopedical surgeons – at the side of radiology and rehabilitation professionals – collaborate to work out the most effective treatment choice for every patient. as a result of those who have had associate degree ACL injury square measure a lot of doubtless to develop degenerative joint disease within the knee earlier in life than those that don’t, HSS physicians and scientists additionally regularly investigate ACL surgery techniques to boost the short and long outcomes for patients.

When you should get ACL reconstruction?

For an entire tear of the ACL, reconstruction surgery is mostly scheduled  for between 3 and 6 weeks when the injury happens. this permits inflammation within the space to subside. If surgery is performed too early, patients could develop a profound scarring response referred to as arthrofibrosis.

Orthopedic surgeons gauge the acceptable temporal arrangement of reconstruction surgery primarily based on:

whether there square measure different injuries gift that require to be treated 1st

the physical look of the knee

the patient’s level of pain

the patient’s vary of motion and quality of muscle management once flexing (bending) or extending (straightening) the leg

Some proof suggests that delaying ACL reconstruction surgery for 6 months or longer when injury reduces a personality’s probabilities of getting a clinically important outcome and results in hyperbolic rates of the requirement for future revision surgeries.


ACL reconstruction is surgery to exchange a torn anterior cruciform (KROO-she-ate) ligament (ACL) — a significant ligament in your knee. ACL injuries most typically occur throughout sports that involve unforeseen stops and changes in direction — like association football, football, basketball and volleyball.

Ligaments square measure sturdy bands of tissue that attach one bone to a different bone. throughout ACL reconstruction, the torn ligament is removed and replaced with a band of tissue that sometimes connects muscle to bone (tendon). The graft connective tissue is taken from another a part of your knee or from a deceased donor.

ACL reconstruction is associate degree patient surgery that is performed by a doctor World Health Organization makes a speciality of surgical procedures of the bones and joints (orthopedic surgeon).


Your doctor can take away your broken ligament and replace it with a section of connective tissue. This replacement tissue is named a graft and it comes from another a part of your knee or a connective tissue from a deceased donor.

Your doctor can drill sockets or tunnels into your femur and shin to accurately position the graft, that is then secured to your bones with screws or different devices. The graft can function staging on that new ligament tissue will grow.

Types of ACL Surgery

When your doctor removes your torn ACL, they place a connective tissue in its place. (Tendons connect muscle to bone.) The goal is to induce your knee stable once more and provides it the total vary of motion it had before you bought hurt.

When the connective tissue is place into your knee, it’s called a graft. 3 styles of grafts are often used with ACL surgery:

Autograft. Your doctor uses a connective tissue from {somewhere else|elsewhere|in different places|in different places|away} in your body (like your other knee, hamstring, or thigh).

Allograft. this sort of graft uses tissue from some other person (a deceased donor).

Synthetic graft. this is often once artificial materials replace the connective tissue. Silver fibers and silk were among the primary ones used (in the first a part of the twentieth century). a lot of advanced choices square measure obtainable currently, like carbon fiber and Teflon, however researchers square measure still operating to search out the most effective material for ACL replacement.

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