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 Knee Fracture

A knee fracture is named a Patellar fracture. A knee  fracture may be a break within the kneecap (patella). The kneecap is liable to fracture if you fall directly on the knee or sustain another direct trauma to the patella.

A patella fracture may be a break in your kneecap, the bone that covers your ginglymus. It’s typically caused by a traumatic injury, like a fall or a blow to your kneecap. A patella fracture may be straightforward or advanced. Some fractures need surgery to repair. Recovery may be long, and aspect effects square measure common.Knee fractures square measure terribly serious injuries and may build walking and everyday activities extraordinarily troublesome.

A patella fracture may be a break in your kneecap — the tiny, cut of beef that covers and protects your ginglymus sort of a protect. It’s typically caused by direct injury sort of a fall on your knee, a blow to your knee or a collision, like with the dashboard in an exceedingly automotive accident. 


The patella may be a tiny bone situated before of the ginglymus — wherever the femoris (femur) and leg bone (tibia) meet. It protects the knee and connects the muscles within the front of the thigh to the shin.The ends of the thighbone and also the undersides of the patella square measure lined with a swish substance referred to as articulary gristle. This gristle helps the bones glide simply on one another as you progress your knee.


The patella will fracture in many ways. A fracture could also be a straightforward, clean, two-piece break or the bone will forced the lock several items.A break will occur at the highest, center, or lower a part of the bone. Sometimes, fractures occur in additional than one space of the kneecap.

What happens once the patella fractures or breaks?

A patella fracture is sometimes caused by an immediate impact to your knee. counting on the force applied, it’s going to produce a hairline crack, forced the lock 2 items or it’s going to forced the lock several tiny items. Patella fractures will cause the extensor muscle mechanism of your knee to not operate properly. The extensor and os sesamoideum connective tissue attach to your patella, that ordinarily permits you to flex and extend your knee. The patella is roofed with gristle, that provides a cushion for your ginglymus. The gristle may be livid with this kind of fracture, which may result in post-traumatic inflammatory disease.

What square measure the various forms of patella fracture?

Stable patella fracture: in an exceedingly stable fracture, conjointly referred to as a “nondisplaced” fracture, the broken items of your bone stay primarily within the right place. they will still be connected to every alternative, or they will be separated by a metric linear unit or 2. this kind of fracture typically heals well while not surgery. If your tending supplier determines that you simply don’t would like surgery, they’ll immobilize your knee in extension with either a knee immobilizer, a hinged brace or a solid. You’ll be allowed up-to-date the maximum amount weight as you’re comfy.

Displaced patella fracture: in an exceedingly fracture, your broken bone items are displaced from their correct position and don’t line up with one another as they ought to. These items typically got to be mounted with surgery so as to heal and permit your knee to operate properly.

Transverse patella fracture: A crosswise fracture may be a fracture wherever your patella breaks into 2 items. These breaks square measure typically mounted with surgery. numerous surgical techniques may be wont to fix these injuries. Your Dr. can decide that is best for you. Comminuted patella fracture: in an exceedingly fracture, your bone has shattered into 3 or additional items. A fracture may be stable or unstable. once a fracture is unstable, a number of your bone items could also be too tiny to reconnect and will got to be removed in surgery.

Open patella fracture: In associate degree compound fracture, your heal your bone has been broken. Either your bone items themselves have penetrated through your skin, or one thing has penetrated your knee from the skin. associate degree compound fracture needs prompt treatment with antibiotics and surgery to completely clean the wound. Open fractures tend to own a better rate of infection, therefore it’s necessary to hunt imperative medical treatment. Your Dr. can decide that surgical procedure can best fix your fracture.

How to measure the signs and symptoms of a broken patella?




Palpable Patellar defect (a modification in your kneecap that you simply will feel through your skin).

Inability to straighten your leg.

Inability to lift your extended leg.

Inability to run.


Pain Management

Most fractures hurt moderately for a couple of days to some of weeks. Several patients realize that victimization ice, elevating the affected leg, and taking straightforward, non-prescription medications for pain relief square measure all that square measure required to alleviate pain.If your pain is severe, your doctor might counsel a prescription-strength medication, like associate degree opioid, for a couple of days.

Be aware that though opioids facilitate relieve pain once surgery, opioid dependency and o.d. has become a crucial public health issue. For this reason, opioids square measure usually prescribed for a brief amount of your time. it’s necessary to use opioids solely as directed by your doctor. As presently as your pain begins to boost, stop taking opioids.


Whether your treatment is surgical or nonsurgical , rehabilitation can play an important role in obtaining you back to your daily activities.

Because treatment for a Patellar fracture will generally need keeping your leg immobilized in an exceedingly solid for an extended amount of your time, your knee might become stiff and your thigh muscles might become weak.

During rehabilitation, your doctor or a healer can give you with specific exercises to help:

  • Improve vary of motion in your knee
  • Strengthen your leg muscles
  • Decrease stiffness
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