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Best Shoulder Fracture

A shoulder is created from a bunch of bones that job along to permit the shoulder and arm to perform. The shoulder bones embody the higher os longum (humerus), the bone (clavicle) and also the bone (scapula). The shoulder includes the glenohumeral joint (ball and socket joint), acromioclavicular joint and sternoclavicular joint.

A fracture of any of the bones within the shoulder will greatly impair your quality and cause severe pain. Shoulder fractures occur as a results of trauma or injury to the shoulder from a fall, sports injury, automotive accident or any direct blow to the shoulder. Penn orthopedic specialists treat each style of shoulder fracture mistreatment the newest diagnostic and treatment techniques that provide the most effective attainable outcomes.

Types of Shoulder Fractures

Shoulder fractures may be non-displaced (when the bones keep within the correct position) or displaced (when items of the bone square measure broken and fragments have withdrawn of position).

Non-displaced fractures square measure the foremost common and frame concerning eighty % of shoulder fractures. These sorts of fractures square measure usually treated mistreatment nonsurgical  strategies. Displaced fractures might need surgery to aline the bones.

Types of shoulder fractures include:

Clavicle fractures: referred to as the bone, the bone is that the long, skinny bone situated at the bottom of the neck.

Humerus fractures: The arm bone is that the higher os longum that runs from the shoulder to the elbow.

Scapula fractures: referred to as the bone, could be a flat, triangular bone situated within the higher back. The glenoid (the socket of the shoulder joint) could be a a part of the os. These fractures square measure related to falls or motorcar collisions and should end in shoulder dislocation or shoulder instability.

If you expertise any of the subsequent symptoms, see a Penn orthopedic specialist to see if you’ve got broken your shoulder:

Shoulder pain

Swelling or bruising within the shoulder space

Tenderness, pain to the bit, redness

Your shoulder appears like it’s slippy out of the socket (shoulder instability)

Your shoulder appearance misshapen or looks out of place

Diagnosing Shoulder Fractures

To diagnose a shoulder fracture, Associate in Nursing orthopedic specialist orders advanced imaging tests to see the precise location of your fracture and also the severity of your condition. we provide the newest advancements in imaging tests and diagnostic tools to judge for shoulder fractures, including:


CT scan


Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Our advanced imaging technology permits Penn contractor radiologists to form Associate in Nursing correct designation to form the most effective attainable treatment attempt to look after your shoulder fracture.

Shoulder Fracture Treatment choices

Penn orthopedic specialists square measure consultants at treating each non-displaced and displaced shoulder fractures mistreatment the newest nonsurgical  and surgical techniques. Some shoulder fractures may be treated with noninvasive strategies, whereas others might need additional complicated surgical treatments to repair the broken bone(s). Your treatment arrange might need each conservative and surgical techniques.

Most non-displaced shoulder fractures may be treated with conservative techniques, such as:


Immobilization with Associate in Nursing arm sling or wrap whereas bones heal

Oral medications to assist alleviate pain

Physical therapy and range-of-motion exercises (to begin once the bones have began to heal and below the shut management of a physical therapist)

Trauma might cause a fracture of the arm bone (ball) or the glenoid (socket) of the ball-and-socket joint. the bulk of those injuries may be treated while not surgery with an honest, semipermanent result. Some fractures square measure higher treated with surgery as a result of they’ll carry a high risk of inflammatory disease if left alone. Some square measure unlikely to heal, or might heal within the wrong position if not treated surgically.

Fractures square measure either delineate as being displaced or non-displaced. luckily, nearly eighty % of all shoulder fractures square measure non-displaced. this means that the broken items stay close to their anatomic position and treatment simply needs immobilization in an exceedingly sling till the bone fragments heal. Most shoulder fractures heal in concerning six weeks. concerning twenty % of shoulder fractures square measure displaced and should need some style of manipulation to revive traditional anatomy.

Occasionally the bodily structure muscles square measure out of action or torn at constant time because the fracture. this will additional complicate the treatment.


Shoulder Pain



Deformity or “bump” at the positioning of the fracture

Discoloration round the higher arm

Inability to usually move the arm while not pain

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