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Knee Arthroscopy

Knee surgical operation could be a surgical operation that enables doctors to look at the hinge joint while not creating an outsized incision (cut) through the skin and different soft tissues. surgical operation is employed to diagnose and treat a large vary of knee issues.

 Throughout knee surgical operation, your sawbones inserts alittle camera, referred to as Associate in Nursing endoscope, into your hinge joint. The camera displays photos on a video monitor, and your sawbones uses these pictures to guide miniature surgical instruments.

Because the endoscope and surgical instruments square measure skinny, your sawbones will use terribly little incisions, instead of the larger incision required for open surgery. This leads to less pain and joint stiffness for patients, and sometimes shortens the time it takes to recover and come to favorite activities.


Your knee is that the largest joint in your body and one in all the foremost complicated. The bones that form up the knee embody the lower finish of the leg bone (thighbone), the higher finish of the shinbone (shinbone), and therefore the patella (kneecap).Other necessary structures that form up the hinge joint include:Articular animal tissue. The ends of the leg bone and shinbone, and therefore the back of the patella square measure coated with body part animal tissue. This slippery substance helps your knee bones glide swimmingly across one another as you bend or straighten your leg.

The hinge joint is enclosed by a skinny lining referred to as tissue layer. This lining releases a fluid that lubricates the human tissue and reduces friction throughout movement.

Meniscus. 2 wedge-shaped items of meniscal human tissue between the leg bone and shinbone act as shock absorbers. totally different from body part animal tissue, the cartilage is hard and rubbery to assist cushion and stabilize the joint.

Ligaments. Bones square measure connected to different bones by ligaments. The four main ligaments in your knee act like sturdy ropes to carry the bones along and keep your knee stable.The two collateral ligaments square measure found on either aspect of your knee.The two cruciform ligaments square measure found within your hinge joint. They cross {each other|one Associate in Nursingother} to make an X with the anterior cruciform ligament ahead and therefore the posterior cruciform ligament in back. 

Who needs knee arthroscopy?

Your doctor could suggest knee surgical operation if you’ve got knee pain that doesn’t pick up with medical procedure treatments. Medical procedure treatments embody rest, ice, NSAID medication and physiotherapy (PT). though inflammatory disease causes knee pain, arthroscopic knee surgery isn’t perpetually an efficient treatment for degenerative arthritis.

Healthcare suppliers use surgical operation to urge a much better check up on animal tissue, bones and soft tissues inside your knee. They use the procedure to diagnose many styles of knee injuries. Most of those injuries have an effect on ligaments and animal tissue in your hinge joint.Knee injuries among athletes (including adolescents) square measure quite common. they’ll happen in touch sports and people that need jumping, like volleyball.

Why the surgical operation Is Performed ?

Arthroscopy is also suggested for these knee problems:

  • Torn cartilage. cartilage is animal tissue that cushions the house between the bones within the knee. Surgery is finished to repair or take away it.
  • Torn or broken anterior cruciform ligament (ACL) or posterior cruciform ligament (PCL).
  • Swollen (inflamed) or broken lining of the joint. This lining is named the tissue layer.
  • Kneecap (patella) that’s out of position (misalignment).
  • Small items of broken animal tissue within the hinge joint.
  • Removal of a Baker cyst. this is often a swelling behind the knee that’s crammed with fluid. typically the matter happens once there’s swelling and pain (inflammation) from different causes, like inflammatory disease.
  • Repair of defect in animal tissue.
  • Some fractures of the bones of the knee.

When the surgical operation is over, you will be taken to a hospital room wherever you may rest for concerning Associate in Nursing hour or a lot of. you will have some pain within the joint when surgery. Your doctor could inflict pain medication and exercise. they may additionally inflict acetylsalicylic acid or different medication to forestall blood clots.

Apply ice for the primary twenty four hours to scale back swelling. If you’ve got had surgical operation on your knee, elevate the leg to scale back pain. Take pain medicines as prescribed, and don’t drink alcohol.

You may would like crutches, a splint, or a sling for support as you recover.

Arthroscopic surgery sometimes leads to less joint pain and stiffness than open surgery. Recovery additionally usually takes less time.

You’ll have little puncture wounds wherever the arthroscopic tools went into your body. The day when surgery, you will be able to take away the surgical bandages and replace them with little strips to hide the incisions. Your doctor can take away nondissolvable stitches when every week or two.

While your wounds heal, you’ll got to keep the location as dry as doable. this implies covering them with a bag once you shower.

Your doctor can tell you what activities to avoid once you go back. you’ll be able to typically return to figure or college at intervals some days of surgery. Full joint recovery usually takes many weeks. it should take many months to urge back to traditional.

Rehabilitation or specific exercises will facilitate speed your recovery. Your doctor can tell you which ones ones square measure safe to try and do.

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