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Knee Surgeon

A knee fracture is named a Patellar fracture. A knee  fracture may be a break within the kneecap (patella). The kneecap is liable to fracture if you fall directly on the knee or sustain another direct trauma to the patella.

A patella fracture may be a break in your kneecap, the bone that covers your ginglymus. It’s typically caused by a traumatic injury, like a fall or a blow to your kneecap. A patella fracture may be straightforward or advanced. Some fractures need surgery to repair. Recovery may be long, and aspect effects square measure common.Knee fractures square measure terribly serious injuries and may build walking and everyday activities extraordinarily troublesome.

A patella fracture may be a break in your kneecap — the tiny, cut of beef that covers and protects your ginglymus sort of a protect. It’s typically caused by direct injury sort of a fall on your knee, a blow to your knee or a collision, like with the dashboard in an exceedingly automotive accident. 


The patella may be a tiny bone situated before of the ginglymus — wherever the femoris (femur) and leg bone (tibia) meet. It protects the knee and connects the muscles within the front of the thigh to the shin.The ends of the thighbone and also the undersides of the patella square measure lined with a swish substance referred to as articulary gristle. This gristle helps the bones glide simply on one another as you progress your knee.


The patella will fracture in many ways. A fracture could also be a straightforward, clean, two-piece break or the bone will forced the lock several items.A break will occur at the highest, center, or lower a part of the bone. Sometimes, fractures occur in additional than one space of the kneecap.

What happens once the patella fractures or breaks?

A patella fracture is sometimes caused by an immediate impact to your knee. counting on the force applied, it’s going to produce a hairline crack, forced the lock 2 items or it’s going to forced the lock several tiny items. Patella fractures will cause the extensor muscle mechanism of your knee to not operate properly. The extensor and os sesamoideum connective tissue attach to your patella, that ordinarily permits you to flex and extend your knee. The patella is roofed with gristle, that provides a cushion for your ginglymus. The gristle may be livid with this kind of fracture, which may result in post-traumatic inflammatory disease.

Knee Injury

You may need surgery once your knee has structural injury. you’ll additionally want it if your knee pain has not knowledgeable alternative strategies of pain relief for structural injury or alternative conditions, like degenerative joint disease. If you decide on surgery, a doctor anaesthetist can forestall you from feeling pain throughout the operation. As pain management specialists, doctor anesthesiologists additionally play a key role in pain relief and recovery when surgery. This postsurgical pain relief is crucial for effective participation in physiatrics and rehabilitation.

Who is Knee Surgeon?

An orthopedic Dr. could be a medical skilled WHO specialises in designation, treating, preventing and rehabilitating contractile organ injuries and diseases, each surgically and non-surgically, in individuals of all ages. The system includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.

The types of conditions orthopedic surgeons would possibly treat embody inflammatory disease, brain disease, club foot, noninheritable  disorders, chronic diseases, infections, contractile organ trauma, scoliosis, sports injuries and tumours.


Diagnosis of contractile organ disorders

Treatment of contractile organ disorders, which could embody surgery, or use of orthopedic frames or braces

Surgical procedures like :

Joint replacement

Joint reconstruction


Fracture repair

Soft tissue repair

Osteotomy – surgery to correct bone deformity

Rehabilitation of contractile organ injuries, as well as recommending exercises and therapy


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